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Theater, Perfomance

Vinyl White(2005) - Richard Stadler
- Composition, Sound Design, Sound Reinforcement and Production.
- interdiscplinary art event Holodome with over 60 calarts participants

The Caged Mind(2004) - co created with Actress Tabitha Shick for the Calarts "Vernal Frequinox: Sound and Silence Electroacoustic Concert"
- A Quad sound performance scored in surround sound utilizing an Interactive cage, built out of plexiglass, steel and piezo microphones running into MAX/MSP. Each wall of the cage corresponding to a different speaker.
The actress hit the walls creating abrasive sounds to Parallel a calm outside enviroment which

Apathy on Water(2003) - Ankit Love - Theater acted out in and around water - Live music and sound

A Wee Nightmare(2003) - Ankit Love - Performance art representing the transition from childhood to adulthood -Composition

Lovelace, CSI, God Bless America Film, Glee, Next Top Model, American Idol, Last Comic Standing, Miss Teen Asia USA, Musical Theatre Guild and a Variety of other acts and events (2006 -2012)
- Alex Theater in House Crew : Stage and Front of House Audio, Electrician , Stagehand, Lift operation, Loading Rail, Building Sets, theater maintenance, System Installation.


Les toiles d'Araingnee(2007) - Andriana Mitchell and Taryn Wayne : (performed at Center Stage in Santa Barbara)
- music composition

Die Ewige Wiederkehr(2006) - Wen Chu Yang
- music composition

There You Are(2006) - Andriana Mitchell
- Sound reinforcement, Music Composition and performance, and Dancer

Time(2006) - Chey Yu
- music composition

So What did you do Last Night?(2005)
- Site specific dance school project Choreographed by Steven Koplowitz (Dean of the Calarts Dance Program)
- music composition overnight

Memory Mark(2005) - dance creating a painting with body movement on canvas
- With choreographer Wen Chu Yang -music composition

Installation Art

Installation by Lek & Sambre at Galerie "Frichez nous la paix" in Belleville, Paris. Projections By Simon Rouby, Soundscapes by Mouth of Ash
- Sound Design