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- Composition style drawing on the manipulation of sound to achieve desired effect.
- A unique set of skills in a variety of technology for the creation of synchronous sonic and visual art.
- Ongoing work with animators, film makers, dancers and other artists.
- Experienced Sound Engineer capable of working under the pressure of the live environment.
- Functioning productively both independently and as part of teams employing:
--- Critical thinking and problem solving for unexpected road blocks and new situations.
--- Dealing with the requirements and politics necessary to present art in many media.



- Composition, Sound Design, Studio Production, Audio Engineer(Recording, Mixing, Mastering) Audio/DSP Programming, Foley and Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, Digital transfer ADAT TO DAW conversion, Analog to Digital Conversion, Interactive Sound Art


Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Creation, Image Retouching and Fabrication, Video Editing, Basic Animation, Alpha channeling, Compositing, Titling, Camera Operation, Photography, Rotoscoping,


Fabrication of Interactive art and performance installations, Multimedia Programming, Music Licensing, Line production, Basic Electronics, Soldering, Welding, Wood and Metal work

General Show Production:

Production, Audio/Video/lighting System Installation and Operation, Sound reinforcement, Live Recording, Lighting Technician, Stage Management, Mac and Windows Operating Systems, Lighting Design, Production manager, Stage and Front of House Audio, Electrician, Stagehand, Lift operation, Loading Rail, Building Sets, Theater Maintenance,


Singer/Songwriter, Vocalist, Lyricist, Writer, Musician, Poet, Voice Over Artist, Actor, Model,


Digital Audio Workstations: Digital Performer, Protools, Logic
Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Indesign, Flash
Final Cut Pro
Programming Languages: Max/Msp/Jitter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C,

CD Releases and Musical Projects

Music Production, Album Art, Writing, Recording, Release and Marketing, Social Media, Music Videos


Electronics, Robotics, Music, Movies, Reading, Writing, Philosophy, History, Religion and Spirituality, Science, Art, Pen drawing, Photography, Nature, Rock Climbing, Travel