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Mesquite Treason

Western Sound meets Aggressive Electronic Noise, falling in between Mouth of Ash and Tears of the Moosechaser

A delicate blending of western lore, Cowboys and Indians, Boomtowns and empty prairie woven into a blanket of alien noise interference and sonic manipulations of acoustic instruments. The west was founded by pioneering spirits and such a legacy should be preserved and pushed forward into tomorrow. Mesquite Treason speaks with a voice of rebellion, challenging convention and status quo. both earthy and experimental.

Mesquite Treason

The Fire's End

(9 March 2016 )

Mesquite Treason

Shadows Of The Wind

(Prerelease - 19 August 2013 )

Mesquite Treason
Etudes In Construction Of Timbre

(14 February 2013)

Mesquite Treason

Blood Meridian

(14 October 2011)