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Electro-Acoustic Composition for Film, Animation, Dance, and Installation.

Digital Musique Concrete utilizing Sound Design for natural emotion manipulation.
Treating electronics in an organic manner to imitate natural systems.
Balancing between a heavy reliance on technology and the tactile effort of performing with instruments.
A Creative Process growing slowly through time beginning with unfiltered bursts generating an abundance of source material left to a dance of discard and and revisitation.
A philosophical approach.
Sculpting sound like a gardener, and wandering landscapes to rediscover lost treasures.
Layers are added to sonic experiments, trimmed and shaped, nudged into becoming something more than meandering exercises in the passage of time.
Collisions of time archived and present as Age redirects the notions of youth and invents new notions for a later version to adapt.
Occasionally focus attempts to establish a unique moment of perfection.
early obsession to collect and note each nuance of existence no matter how mundane. "Idea of Playing for the Wind"
The direction of others

The Naming of things...
The Economic structure Relec Multimedia was leveraged to combine various forms of media seeking to achieve Gesamtkunstwerk (a work of art that strives to makes use of many forms, universal artwork, synthesis of the arts, comprehensive artwork, all-embracing form, total work of art, or total artwork) Diffraction of Music and Poetry into the pursuit of Video editing, Computer Programming, Storytelling is a

Sound-Art installation and kinetic sculpture

Performance - Theatrical pieces involving Dance, Video, group improvisations with acoustic players, solo computer performances, and Non computer based singer songwriter / instrumental music.

Often cited as the lead singer and lyricist for the Avant-Americana group Tears Of The Moosechaser.

He has released several independent music collections as:

Mesquite Treason,
combining everyday sounds twisted with acoustic instruments, blending in folk, neo classical and his voice.

Mouth Of Ash,
jagged edged buffer butchery with synthesizers, Robotic glitch/noise elements

span from ambience and Science fiction to gentle guitars

Bram Urban
Childish charictaratures of commercial and mainstream pop


He graduated with a BFA in Multi-focus Music Technologies from California Institute of the Arts concentrating on the interaction of audio with other mediums, and creating custom software and controllers to explore the boundaries of Sound Art.