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Kyle Blanton Ross specializes in Electroacoustic Composition for Animation, Dance, Film, with a methodology leaning towards Digital Musique Concrete, utilizing Sound Design to create an invisible emotional pull from the natural world.

Often cited as the lead singer and lyricist for the Avant-Americana group Tears Of The Moosechaser.

He has released several independent music collections as:

Mesquite Treason,
combining everyday sounds twisted with acoustic instruments, blending in folk, neo classical and his voice.

Mouth Of Ash,
jagged edged buffer butchery with synthesizers, Robotic glitch/noise elements

span from ambience and Science fiction to gentle guitars

Bram Urban
Childish charictaratures of commercial and mainstream pop

Sound-Art installation and kinetic sculpture

He plays an integral role in Relec Multimedia combining various forms of media together to create Gesamtkunstwerk - (often translated as universal artwork, synthesis of the arts, comprehensive artwork, all-embracing art form, total work of art, or total artwork) is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so. Video editing, Computer Programming

He graduated with a BFA in Multi-focus Music Technologies from California Institute of the Arts concentrating on the interaction of audio with other mediums, and creating custom software and controllers to explore the boundaries of Sound Art.

Performances include group improvisations with acoustic players, solo computer performances, and Non computer based singer songwriter / instrumental music.

Blanton Ross