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Mouth of Ash:

Mouth of ash

With a penchant for environmental soundscapes made by robotic means, Mouth of Ash utilizes noise elements such as cacophony, dissonance, distortion, atonality, indeterminacy, and repetition to create a futurist sound born from the fine line between noise and music. Citing a wide range of influences from dadaism, progressive rock, free jazz, modern classical and Musique Concréte to BDSM, anarchy, Horror films and hailing the writings of Hakim Bey and Theodor W. Adorno;
Mouth of Ash Hereby comes with a Warning Label.

Mouth Of Ash

Over Spilt

(25 August 2013)

Mouth Of Ash


(21 January 2010 )

Mouth Of Ash

Spasms Of Spectacular Violence

(28 August 2009)

Mouth of Ash


(15 March 2009)

Mouth Of Ash

Easy Listening

(5 May 2008)