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Armed with the artistic vision and idealism of Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol, Bram Urban has set his sights on making a statement on the disposibility of popular music. Fueled by the Outsider Music Ideal of perfection in imperfection to achieve the state of songwriting rawness lost in the blasé standards of modern plastic production techniques, Bram Urban's post contemporary sound is born of what the french labeled as " Poubellisme". The junk art aesthetic manifests itself through out his works as Bram Urban destroys multitracks after early development preventing revision or the endless polishing of trite repetitions that have created musical system that sounds all the same. By releasing the first creation and making a decision not to censor the muse, Bram Urban thins the barriers between Composition and Improvisation. Instead the artist turns to a perpetual reuse of old material drawing from a vast collection of recordings and remixes previous creations in cycles until out of chaos and assembly a natural shape emerges. Thus Bram Urban serves as the mirror on celebrity and narcissist culture while maintaining a sound that its completely distinctive.


4 CM Off Reality

(22 February 2012)


Mouth Of The Muse

(08 August 2008)


Dignity Of The Diarist

(14 April 2004)


Sancia Soul

(22 May 2003)